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After each usage, use the clean and refresh station to thoroughly clean the razor. Regardless of whether you plan to clean your shaver using wet or dry cleaning techniques, we advise using the clean and refresh station at least once a week to lubricate and disinfect the cutting head. I see myself as having joined the worldwide African diaspora. The best combination for me is a depilatory (magic shave gold bottle), an Andis T-outliner, a Remington F5, and this Series 7 Braun shaver.

I switch to the T-outliner when I spend more than two days without shaving because it removes the longer hairs off my face without pulling the shorter hairs further into the skin. Usually, I start with the F5, which is an excellent tool for lifting and trimming short, curly hair. The Series 7, which has arguably the most elegant overall aesthetic, comes next.

I get a lot of tiny pimples all over the place where the hair develops if I don't avoid the depilatory about once every four days. I instantly switch to the series 7 items after the depilatory fails to leave my face feeling smooth. This, in my opinion, indicates that the outcome will be as bump-free and smoothly as feasible.

It's applied on my girlfriend's legs, underarms, and lady parts. She applies it on her legs as well. She asserts that it smoothes out her skin and guards against razor burn and ingrown hairs. Both people have a Braun Series 8 Post, albeit I prefer to wear mine on my face. I went out and bought a Braun 8985 360 Complete Men's Shaver in the beginning of July 2007. Even today, people still make use of it. I placed my razor in the cleaner after every shave to get it clean. I remove the cartridge from your Clean & Charge Station and replace the included cap since I am aware that the cleaning solution will evaporate once the cleaning process is over. I won't use the cartridge once more until the next time I shave. The capped cartridge is then positioned with its upward facing end inside the Clean & Charge Station. Currently, a request has been made for the cartridge.

The whole design, engineering, and production of the product were handled by Germany. Compared to the Series 9 products that came before it, **when applied to a beard that is three days old, per the advice of GQ and the Skin Health Alliance. the most productive electric shaver ever created. Use this razor, which is not only effective but also cozy and close-fitting, for a refined and smooth shave. The most effective approach is: More hair is removed per stroke than with any other razor on the market today because to the interaction of five separate shaving components.

A cleaning cartridge, a carrying case, a cleaning brush, a charging wire, and an instruction manual are all included in the package. Cleaning cartridge, cleaning cartridge, travel case, cleaning brush, charging cord, and user guide; SmartCare center that judiciously chooses a cleaning program that hygienically cleans, lubricates, and dries your razor; cleaning cartridge, cleaning cartridge, travel case, cleaning brush, charging cord, and user guide; cleaning cartridge, cleaning cartridge, travel ca The design of this razor makes it durable enough to be used repeatedly. These gadgets can be charged in just 5 minutes and have an hour-long battery life. Design of an expensive razor: The brand-new, scratch-resistant coating has three layers that are as thin as human hair, resulting in an incredibly delicate razor. Performance testing was conducted on the Braun Series 7.